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Caught on cam: Man kidnaps 4-year-old girl from Navi Mumbai colony

Navi Mumbai kidnapping: As the 4-year-old girl was playing near her residence, a stranger appeared and lured the girl away. Realising their child did not return home, the parents promptly reported the matter to the Nerul Police Station.

Navi Mumbai: A man was caught on camera kidnapping a minor girl in Navi Mumbai area of Maharashtra. The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera installed in the locality. Tracking the accused with the help of CCTV, the police was able to arrest the man. The incident has been reported from Nerul police station area in Navi Mumbai.

The video of the incident has now gone viral. The CCTV footage shows a stranger taking the girl away from a locality near the railway station. The incident took place in the vicinity of Nerul Police Station, located near a railway station in Navi Mumbai. The minor girl lives in a nearby colony with her parents.

While playing outside her home, a stranger suddenly appeared and lured her away. When the child did not return home, her parents reported the matter to the Nerul Police Station. Based on the CCTV footage, the police apprehended the suspect. Police said further investigation is underway to uncover more details about the incident.

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