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BTS: Kim Taehyung to be the next guest star on 'Suchwita,' hints at Bon Voyage reunion in teaser

BTS's Kim Taehyung aka V recently announced the release of his brand-new debut solo album, 'Layover,' slated for release on September 8. He also released two tracks from his album, 'Love Me Again' and 'Rainy Days' along with their music videos - which has had ARMYs going wild on Twitter. Not to mention, his gender-bending fashion photoshoots for magazines like W Korea and Arena as well as his recent appearance at CELINE's store in Tokyo. Kim Taehyung definitely knows how to keep his devoted fanbase on their toes.

Taehyung will be appearing on several popular South Korean reality shows like 'Running Man' and 'You Quiz on the Block' as part of his album promotions - and the teasers have already gotten ARMY into splits. Naturally, fans thus also anticipated Taehyung's guest star revelation on BTS's in-house talk show 'Suchitwa' - manned by our very own Min Yoongi aka 'DJ Sug D' Suga. 'Suchitwa' is a talk show hosted by Yoongi where he invited fellow stars in the Korean entertainment fraternity and shares conversation over alcohol and food. All BTS members have appeared on the show so far.

Big Hit, the talent agency that manages BTS released a short teaser of the upcoming episode. The small snippet is already packed with fun and rib-tickling moments that promise to make this an iconic 'Suchwita' installment. V appeared on set with his signature adorable box-smile and discussed his upcoming album and the production process with musical genius and hyung, Suga.

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