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‘At my age, everything is at its peak — your jazba, commitment, energy.

While the main contest in Madhya Pradesh that goes to the polls on November 17 is between heavyweights BJP and Congress, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has staked a claim by fielding 66 candidates. Prakhar Pratap Singh, 25, the AAP candidate from Gurh segment in Rewa district, is the youngest nominee this year. He is contesting against the Congress’s Kapidhwaj Singh and the BJP’s Nagendra Singh, the incumbent MLA. An architect, Prakhar left the US to return and fight elections. Excerpts from an interview:

Why leave your job in the US to fight polls here?

I went for a five-year Bachelor’s degree in Architecture. Afterwards, I got a good job and worked there for almost two years. But I realised that whatever I do for the rest of my life, it has to be in India, in my hometown.

How difficult is it to get into politics for first-timers?

Several generations of my family have been involved in jan seva (social work). People in Rewa know us and have great regard for my grandfather and father.

Did you approach other parties like the BJP and Congress?

The AAP has accepted me and given me a chance to fight on its ticket. But I never saw myself joining the BJP or the Congress as they are too big, irrespective of their vichardhara (ideology). Members of my family used to be involved with both parties. I didn’t even consult them before making the decision, for which my father stopped speaking with me for three days.

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