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Ashok Gehlot At Political Crossroads After His 'Magic' Fails In Rajasthan


Ashok Gehlot's win from the Sardarpura assembly constituency in Rajasthan was a bittersweet one as he was dethroned as Chief Minister as BJP registered a thumping victory. The state continued the trend of voting out the sitting government, and the 72-year-old's political future now hangs in the balance.

The BJP has crossed the halfway mark in Rajasthan and is currently leading on 115 seats, while the Congress is ahead 70, the leads show.

Mr Gehlot, taking a book from BJP's playbook, had gone all out to promote the welfare schemes of his government. The Janata clinics, modelled after the Mohalla clinics in Delhi, and an universal health insurance were some of the schemes Mr Gehlot was banking on to win a second consecutive term. Leaving no stone unturned, Congress' top leaders held rallies across the state in the past month to compliment the publicity blitzkrieg.

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