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Afghan Refugees In Iran Complain Of Intensifying Deportation, Harassment


Afghan refugees in Iran are raising concerns regarding increase in deportations, arrests, and harassment by the police, TOLO News reported.

The Taliban has called on neighbouring countries to not deport Afghan refugees. Deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan have intensified, and now Iran has also initiated forced deportations.

One refugee expressed anxiety about returning to Afghanistan, citing a recent rise in harassment and deportations.

A member of the defenders of Afghan refugees in Iran, Enayatullah Alokozay, said: "There is forced deportation of Afghan refugees from Iran. It has been going on and these days the process is progressing more quickly."

Afghan refugee representatives in Iran have criticized the Iranian government and the international community for their perceived lack of support and have called on them to address the challenges faced by Afghan refugees.

"Afghan refugees are being deported from Iran. The Iranian people and government are very oppressive towards refugees. Iran pushes out refugees ahead of winter when it is not right," said Spogmai Jabbarkhil, an Afghan refugees' representative in Iran, as per TOLO News.

"Afghan refugees in Iran face various challenges in the employment market, with housing and the lack of identity documents," said Asefa Stanikzai, a refugee affairs analyst.

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