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Abu Dhabi Shines With 4,800 Illuminating Geometric Shapes For 52nd National Day

Abu Dhabi, UAE:

Abu Dhabi City Municipality has adorned the streets with 4,800 illuminating geometric shapes to mark the 52nd National Day. The initiative symbolises unity, creating a festive atmosphere for Emiratis and residents.

Installed across Abu Dhabi Island and its outskirts, the geometric shapes grace key locations such as Abu Dhabi Corniche Street and main highways, including Al Khaleej Al Arabi Street, Sheikh Zayed Street, and Airport Street. The diverse yet harmonious designs represent the nation's spirit and joy during National Day celebrations.

The shapes feature 120 3D ground-level shapes, 120 ascending 3D shapes, 1,500 shapes forming the numeral '52' in honour of the Union's anniversary, and 320 illuminating strings adorning the streets like cascading curtains of light.

The geometric shapes proudly display celebratory texts, including expressions such as "The flag has lived, oh our Emirates!" and "Long live the unity of our Emirates lives." Other phrases like "Long Live My Country," "Our Power is Our Honour," "Our Safe Land," and "We Shall Protect You with Our Souls, My Country" resonate, along with other words that capture the essence of this momentous occasion.

Shapes representing the country's emblem, flag, and traditional Emirati elements, such as eagles, horses, monumental buildings, and old castles, are also prominently featured.

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