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"A Body Every Hour": Israel's Deadliest Attack In West Bank Since 2005

Jenin, Palestinian Territories:

Around four tyre fires belching black smoke, Palestinians clashed with Israeli soldiers in Jenin on Thursday in the deadliest army raid the occupied West Bank has seen since 2005. The Palestinian city, a Hamas stronghold and the site of frequent army raids, was rocked by dozens of explosions as Israeli armoured vehicles tore through the streets, fighting running battles with Palestinian gunmen using assault rifles and pipe bombs.

AFP reporters saw one masked Hamas operative lying bloody on the pavement, as another took his rifle to fire towards Israeli positions.

Another three were seen to be wounded, while AFP counted five bodies in a nearby hospital morgue, where weeping relatives kept vigil over the dead.

The Palestinian health ministry said 14 were killed in the raid, with the violence continuing until Thursday evening, making it the deadliest single incursion in the West Bank since 2005, according to United Nations records.

Four more were killed elsewhere in the West Bank on Thursday, the health ministry said, putting the toll of Palestinians killed in the West Bank by Israeli fire on in settler attacks since the start of the Israel-Hamas war on October 7 at more than 180 people. Three Israelis were killed in violence in the West Bank over that period, according to officials.

"This is every day," said a 39-year-old Palestinian computer engineer, who asked to remain anonymous.

"This is our life," he said before fresh gunfire sent panic through a crowd of onlookers who ran down the street.

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